what to consider before selecting a bird trapping method!
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Bird trapping should be done in very professional way to make sure you do not do cause any harm to the birds. It requires a good knowledge and skills to catch a bird without harming it. There are different bird trapping techniques which can be used in different situations. Do select the best technique for you which you can apply easily.

Clap traps:

Use clap traps at a bird habitat. It is mainly used for ground birds. Sometimes it is also at shallow water for capturing waterfowl, these are basic bird spikes.

Cannon nets:

Cannon nets are used when there is a flock of birds flying. The cannon net is thrown by the machine towards the flock of birds to stop their fleet. Use it if it is an open habitat.

Mist Nets:

Mist nets are very strong and reliable. Use mist nets while you are capturing the birds in woody areas. In jungles, mist nets can be used. These mist nets are bird spikes but do not cause any harm to the birds and it can trap many kinds of birds.

Spot-Light trapping:

Some birds can be caught using flash light and spot lights. Pointing the beam directly into the eyes of the birds stop them at that place.

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